Stiftung Sunnegarte

We help to reconcile the needs of working life and family by offering pedagogically superior and reliable childcare.

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We enable parents to choose a form of care that corresponds to their needs with day care centres, day families, after-school care or day camps, and this since 2002.


Board of Directors Sunnegarte

We would like to thank the old board of directors, some of them active for many years, for their great help and support  to make this Institution excel in all our areas.

For the period from 01.07.2020 to 30.06.2022 the board of directors is composed of:

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Stefanie Vitelli President - Education
Matthias Gottschall Vicepresident - Finance
Ueli Zehnder Human Ressources
Sibyl Iso Medical advisor
Karl Heinz Zeller School Principal
Brigitte Treyer Convener from Gemeinderat