Stiftung Sunnegarte

We help to reconcile the needs of working life and family by offering pedagogically superior and reliable childcare.

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We enable parents to choose a form of care that corresponds to their needs with day care centres, day families, after-school care or day camps, and this since 2002.


Stifungsrat Sunnegarte

Board of directors Sunnegarte

The board of directors of the Sunnegarte is assembled for the period friom 01.07.2018 bis 30.06.2020, the members are:

from left to right:  
Brigitte Treyer President
Kathrin Meffert-Ruf Vice-president
Denise Herb Responsible for Pedagogic issues
Karl Heinz Zeller Representant of the school
Johannes Felchlin Responsible for Finance
Markus Eigenmann Delegate of the Arlesheim-Counsel
Not on the picture:  
Ursula Laager Delegate or the Arlesheim-Counsel