Characteristics of the Tagesfamilien / Day Families

Trustworthy, reliable, flexible and popular.

General information

Day Families are families who look after children from other families at home. The day families Sunnegarte stand for supplementary day care for children aged 3 months to the end of primary school and up to 18 years if required. From Monday to Sunday, as required, over night care is possible too. Parents and the Day Family individually agree on the hours of care. We currently have 10 different Day Mothers and/or Fathers in Arlesheim, spread over different areas, with their own specialities.

In order for the child and the parents to have time to find their way in the new situation, it is important that the child is carefully and gradually accustomed to the new situation before it is definitively accepted into the daily family. The acclimatisation takes place taking into consideration the child and the parents' needs. The children and the family are slowly adapted to the individual needs of all those involved.