Financial aid from the Gemeinde Arlesheim

As of January 2019 you can ask for financial aid to partially pay for the day care of your children. All the details can be found in the bottom of our page under Subventions. These contributions are given in all areas of care: day care, after school care, day camps and external family care.


Care vouchers are a financial support for the family in need of supplemental care of children in the early and primary school sector. The care vouchers promote the compatibility of having a family and pursuing a career. Parents are free to choose where they want their child to be looked after in the early childhood, kindergarten and primary school time. The Sunnegarte offers support for all ages. Eligibility is defined in the regulations on supplementary childcare and in the the associated ordinance. The amount of the childcare vouchers depends on the income and of the workload. Care vouchers cannot be claimed retroactively. The date of receipt of the application applies.

How to apply?

  • Fill in the application form and sign it. Send the application form including enclosures to the Family, Education and Culture Department of the Municipality of Arlesheim, Domplatz 8, 4144 Arlesheim.
  • If you are entitled to childcare vouchers, you will receive a corresponding cost voucher from the municipality in the form of a decree. The municipality pays you the corresponding amount on a monthly basis.
  • The institution will invoice you monthly. You pay the bill with the municipality's contribution.

More information can be found here