Stiftung Leitbild
Stiftung Leitbild

Our Mission

The educational concept of the Sunnegarte Foundation is intended to show interested persons, parents of children in care and employees the basics of our work. It applies to all forms of childcare offered by the foundation.

What we offer

We contribute to this by offering pedagogically superior and reliable childcare, to reconcile the needs of working life and family.

We enable parents to choose a form of care that suits their needs, with a day care centre, day families, lunch table, after-school care or day camps.

Looked-after children

We accept each child as an independent personality regardless of social status, nationality or religion.

We offer the cared for children a place of comfort and security with reliable caregivers.

We promote the age-appropriate independence and self-confidence of the children - we use the possibilities of the group to develop the social behaviour of the children.

Through the use of qualified specialists, we ensure that each individual child is supported in a manner appropriate to his or her level of development.

We help the children with their worries and needs and with the management of conflicts.

We are committed to creating a happy and eventful day for every child.

Our professional team

We pay attention to a harmonious working atmosphere and a collegial, appreciative relationship in the support team.

We strive to maintain a high quality of work through continuous training and further education of our caregivers and through critical reflection of our actions.

We are committed to apprentice training.


We value open, respectful communication with parents, employees, schools and authorities.