What makes us special

Whether flexible minimum occupancy or experience in nature,
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At the Sunnegarte Day Care Center you can have your child looked after from 20% occupancy (1 day or 2 half days). Day families and day care can be booked by the hour or in modules.

More flexibility

For parents with a very flexible care need (e.g. shift work) we offer the possibility to change the care days, with a lead time of 2 weeks). During the company holidays in summer we also offer supervision so you don't have to go on holiday in high season.

Early language development

Thanks to the expertise of our employees, we can offer special language development for foreign-language children.

Excursions and forest days

A day in the woods or an excursion takes place weekly in groups or all together. The children explore and experience nature, no matter how old they are. It is always exciting.

Children's gymnastics

Weekly we go to the gym. Thanks to trained staff, the children are supported in their skills according to their age. This takes place in addition to the normal everyday life, where we live movement in free or guided form.

Cooking and Baking

Every week we work in small groups in the kitchen. The aim is to familiarise the children with the ingredients, vegetables and fruits, as well as the dishes and preparation methods, and we give great importance to seasonal products.

Free play in the garden or in our play room

In addition to the usual rituals in the group, time to rest or meals in the group, the children can play in the large garden and, depending on the weather, also in our spacious cellar, move around and experience exciting things.

Kindergarten pick-up and drop-off

If the child comes to the kindergarten, we offer a pick-up and drop-off service. The goal is to accompany the child gently within 6 months to the independent mastery of the "Kindsgiweg".

The Foundation

As a foundation, we are a non-profit institution with the motto of ensuring the best possible care for all children, with the aim that parents manage family life and pursue a career.