Job vacancies

We are always looking for suitable applicants to strengthen our teams in the day-care centre and in day-care as well as to supplement our range of day-family offers.

Day Care

An internship position is available for a year, beginning August 2020. Send us your application, we'll be happy to review and consider it:

Day Care Sunnegarte
Mr. Severin Fässler
Stollenrain 10
4144 Arlesheim

Phone: 061 702 00 70
or through Contact form

Tagesfamilien / Day Families

The demand for childcare places in the day families in Arlesheim is high. In the search for a suitable day family for a child of the day, various factors such as mutual sympathy, geographical location, care times, age of the child, etc. must match.

Requirements profile

If you are interested in working as a Day Family we look forward to hearing from you:

Tagesfamilien Sunnegarte
Ms.Susanne Fabiani-Lüthi
Stollenrain 11
4144 Arlesheim

Tel. 079 289 71 66
or through Contact form

After School Care

We are always looking for helpers. Do you like working with children of different ages? We are looking for people, especially for lunchtime (12:00 - 14:00). We look forward to hearing from you:

After School CareSunnegarte
Ms. Patricia Strebel
Stollenrain 11
4144 Arlesheim

Phone 061 701 85 81
or through Contact form