Day Care Sunnegarte

As parents you need to be sure that your children are being well looked after. Our main aim is to ensure this in order to allow you to reconcile professional and family life.

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Generous rooms in a beautiful house and a big garden, as well as a dedicated team of carers and a high carer to child ratio are the basis to ensure our high quality standards. The children need and want space to grow and to feel they are being looked after, we allow each child to develop the social competence and autonomy according to their age and capabilities through free play and group activities such as playing in the garden, weekly trips to the nearby woods, gymnastics and sport at the school gym as well as coordinated language training. Our professional childcare specialists and nursery teachers are committed to this every day.


Tagesheim Gruppen

Groups and Rooms

Our villa at a very central location offers rooms which are child friendly and to the age accordingly fitted and furnished, with a bright and homelike atmosphere.

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Tagesheim das Team

Why choose us

Flexibility in the care timing, experiencing the outdoors, professional care in a great environment, these are our core competences.

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Tagesheim Spezielles


Our motivated and professional team accompanies your children in their everyday life.

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Tagesheim Haus

Come and visit us

You can visit us at any time. We would be pleased to show you our premises and have you meet our team.

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