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At the Sunnegarte we are a socially responsible non-­profit organisation based in Arlesheim since 2002. We offer professional day care for children between 3 months and up to the end of primary school.

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We manage a day care in a beautiful villa with extensive garden in the center of Arlesheim, two afterschool facilities close to the Dom and Gerenmatte primary schools, as well as professional families who will serve as childminders in a very flexible way according to your needs. Our focus relies on the requirements of each family and the wellbeing of the children. Our professional team will always give their best to make your children feel safe and happy.


Day Care

3 months until entry into primary school

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After school care and day camps

4 years until end of primary school

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Day families

3 months until end of primary school

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Are you looking for day care for your child in Arlesheim?
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