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Day Camps

During 6 weeks every year, the Sunnegarte offers the opportunity to participate in exciting themed related day camps.

What we offer

We offer 6 weeks a year the opportunity to participate in exciting theme-related day camps. Always in the 1st sports holiday week, 1st spring holiday week, 5th and 6th summer holiday weeks, 1st autumn holiday week and between Christmas/New Year and school start exciting and varied days from 8:00 to 18:00 take place. Thanks to the cooperation with the surrounding communities of Aesch, M√ľnchenstein and Reinach, we can offer you an extended day camps of a total of 11 supervised school holiday weeks per school year.

If there is no day camp offer in Arlesheim in the holiday week of your choice, you have the option of registering your child for a day camp in Aesch, M√ľnchenstein or Reinach. The day camp offer is also open to kindergarten and primary school children who do not otherwise make use of the Sunnegarte's childcare services. Registration forms, the current daily camp calendar and a map can be found below:

Downloads/day care

Day Cam Dates 2019

New Year holidays: Wednesday, 02.01.2019 to Friday, 04.01.2019
(2nd Week)
Theme: Bakery
Deadline: 07.12.2018
Sport holidays: Monday, 04.03.2019 to Friday, 08.03.2019
(1st. Week)
Theme: Pirates
Deadline: 15.02.2019
Spring break: Monday, 15.04.2019 to Thursday, 18.04.2019
(1st. Week)
Theme: Four Elements
Deadline: 29.03.2019
Summer holidays: Monday, 29.07.2019 to Friday, 02.08.2019 excl.  01.08.2019
(5th. Week) and
Monday, 05.08.2019 to Friday, 09.08.2019
(6th. Week)
Theme: Farm and its animals
Deadline: 14.06.2019
Autumn holidays: Monday, 30.09.2019 to Friday, 04.10.2019
(1st. Week)
Theme: Safari
Deadline: 13.09.2019